Loulabelles Mum Tum Set


Loulabelles Gold Body Scrub – 200ml ​​​​​

This amazing scrub can be used on the entire body to leave the skin polished and glowing. It is based on micro salt particles, oils and butters.

The Loulabelle’s body scrub gently removes dead skin cells boosts blood circulation. It energises the skin, leaving it smooth and toned.

The scrub has anti-ageing and skin rejuvenating properties that are made using only natural ingredients making this is a nutritious multi-tasking treatment to brighten, decongest and smooth even the dullest of complexions.

Loulabelles Gold Body & Face Mask – 200ml ​​​

A power-packed professional mask with unbelievable transformation results.  A power-packed natural anti-ageing radiance mask to boost hydration and improve skin after only one application.

The amazing gold body and face mask will tighten and sculpt your face and body to help leave your skin soft and smooth, whilst nourishing it with vitamins and minerals. The unique skin-boosting natural ingredients help to create an appearance of instant youthfulness in the skin, as Loulabelles gold magic will leave your skin plumper, uplifted, super-hydrated and silky smooth.

Loulabelles Firming Gel – 200ml ​​​​

Indulge in this intensely moisturising gel. Loulabelles firming gel ensures intensive skin hydration and revitalisation.

A special combination designed to tighten the skin contour softens and sculpts the body.



3 products 3 steps

Firstly apply the gold body scrub to damp skin on the stomach and scrub in a circular motion for 5 minutes to boost blood circulation and resurface skin, then wash off.


Secondly, apply a layer of gold body mask on the stomach and leave it on for 10/15 mins. Voillllaaaaa!


Wipe off with a warm cloth, then thirdly apply firming gel to the stomach and leave it to soak into skin contour.


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